Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to reality

Sara and I traveled up to Lewiston Maine today with one of our most important machines that we use for shoe making, to a place that sells and repairs antique shoe machine equipment. The skiving machine thins the edges of the leather for smooth folding and we're out of business if that machine doesn't work properly...our machine is about 100 years old and we did not want to replace for obvious sentimental reasons and are very grateful to the folks at Pamco who successfully repaired the problem pronto for us as well as adjusting 2 of my Singer machines that I sew all Cordwainer Shoes on. Our shoes are made today the same way they were back in the 1930's when Paul's father designed the original concept of the Cordwainer Shoe...a low heeled, round toe shoe...classic styling and comfortable for the human foot.
Sara and I continue this traditional way of shoe making and we really love using the old machines that Paul used for his entire shoe making career. Then we met up with Sara's daughter Audrey for lunch in Biddeford, at a charming little eatery. A very successful day..tomorrow we're back to the shop doing what we enjoy-making Cordwainer Shoes!

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