Friday, May 7, 2010

New York City Hotel Show

What a beautiful time to be in New York City. We arrived yesterday and had a chance to walk around in Central Park. Sara and I are set up in our suite in the beautiful Kimberly Hotel. We met up this morning for a brief visit with our friend Trish, who will be hosting Sara, Celia and I when we visit London later this summer.

Now to the business at hand... Our shoes look lovely on display and we've already had customers pick up some cute new styles from our Spring Collection. We stopped at one of favorites leather houses before coming to the city and purchased some interesting new faux-animal print leathers that will be great for our new style ideas.

We'll be here today and tomorrow 11-7 and Sunday we've been invited to do a trunk show at Pip-Squeak Chapeau at 99 Franklin Street in Brooklyn. Please stop by...Pictured are two of our newest customers, Joanne and Kate, who we met at the One-of-a-Kind show we did in NYC last December, wearing their new shoes.

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